Elect Mosley for Dekalb 

County School Board District 3

Time for a change and the change is now, vote for Willie Mosley


Vote for Willie Mosley in the run-off - August 11, 2020

Elect Mosley for Dekalb County School Board District 3

Vote for Willie Mosley to become part of the District 3 school board in DeKalb, Georgia. He sees the need for school improvements, including the implementation of after-school programs and summer school, more active involvement from parents, the upgrade of the education system, and many more.

Our candidate believes every student in the county, especially the 3rd district, should learn a skill or trade before graduating from high school. Aware that not everyone will be able to go to college, Mosley plans to arrange for mentorship programs that will equip high school students with the necessary skills to land them a job in the technical field, like a position in the fire department for 9th to 12th graders.

How Willie Mosley Will Address Issues

Elect Mosley for County School Board District 3 is dedicated in supporting Willie Mosley in his campaign in DeKalb, Georgia. We believe that through his commitment, experience, and sincerity, Willie Mosley will be able to be represent District 3 well.

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